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"Janie Branham is one of the hardest working and community aware precinct chairs of the  party."

David Branham,                                      Walden Community Services Association

"Janie has worked her way through the ranks of politics with grace and admirable ethics."

Be it in her role as wife, mother of twelve-year old twins, or friend to the community Dr. Janie Branham has always held strong to her belief in God and her commitment to conservative values.  Since her retirement from a career in education Janie has devoted thousands of volunteer hours to the Republican Party and its candidates for office.  During elections she is active in Harris County Republican politics –working her precinct, working election polls, attending county meetings, running fundraisers, and representing her constituency as a delegate to the Senate District 4 convention and the GOP convention in Dallas, Texas. In addition, she has been active in many national, state, and local campaigns.  In 2012 and 2013, she ran campaigns for two candidates, one for the U.S. Congress and another for Lone Star College Board, and has served as a volunteer for other Republican candidates.

Branham also serves the Republican Party in other capacities.  She has served as precinct secretary, was a delegate to the Harris County Senate District 4 and GOP State conventions, and is the voter registration Chair of the Texas Federation of Republican Women. She presently serves on the Harris County Republican Party Local Government committee and has served on the Senatorial Nominations Committee as well. Janie has taken on additional responsibilities in this important 2016 presidential election season.  She now serves as Republican Precinct 659 Chair and is an Election Judge for this year’s election.

Janie is a native Texas, a graduate of University of Houston, and is married to Dr. David Branham. She has 12 year old twins,Ruth and David Jr.

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